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Pricing Our Puppies

Offering Quality Puppies at an Affordable Price

Price of upcoming litter tbd

We have been asked why our puppies do not come with a high sticker price.  

Indeed, it is hard to find a quality F1b Goldendoodle below a few thousand dollars. 

There is a reason these dogs are so coveted.  From their storybook look, their calm temperament, their hypoallergenic coats, their intelligence and ease to train, they meet the needs for many walks of life. 

Seeing how our puppies have enriched the lives of our customers, we wanted to make them more readily available for those that have the need in their lives for such a dog, but are not ready to pay a heavy sticker price.


Breeding Responsibly

We tend our dams and sires with great care; allowing them acres on which to run, quality food to eat, clean outdoor runs and shelter in our home.  We keep them under the care of our wonderful and wise vet and keep them groomed by our knowledgeable and skilled groomer.  

We follow the philosophy of our vet: "be proactive, not reactive". 

We practice prevention through veterinary care, consistent grooming, exercise and diet. 

We interact with our dogs throughout each day, stimulating them intellectually and providing them with the emotional support and love that they need.

We carefully came to the set price point of the puppies keeping in mind the cost involved in providing quality care to our dams and sires, as well as the financial cost involved in providing the best care for each puppy. 

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