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The Classy Doodle  
simple grooming tips for your doodle pup

Many of our customers ask about grooming their F1b Goldendoodle pups.

We get questions like "When should I give my puppy her first hair cut?" 

or "What is the best type of shampoo to use for my puppy?" 

We are not groomers here at Cotton & Gray, but we sure have an amazing groomer in our back pocket and are pairing up with her to share her little tips and tricks and perhaps the raggedy job of doodle-grooming may become, well,

a little less hairy than it needs to be.   

 Tune in for updates as we take our dude-le pup, Moose, to our friend, Denise and her gals, at Top Knot Grooming in Liberty, Missouri, and answer some of your doodle-grooming care questions!  

Meet Moose.  A curious, scruffy, and sweet storybook pup.  He trots about the farm in search of adventures, tail happily waving behind him.  There is never a dull moment for Moose, but trotting after baby goats, chasing bunnies into the brush and splashing in the pond sure takes a toll on his fancy F1b goldendoodle coat!    

Q: When Do I Take My Puppy in for His First Hair Cut?  

A:  Only after your pup is fully vaccinated, at 8 to 12 weeks of age.  

moose before grooming_edited_edited.jpg

At 12 weeks of age & fully vaccinated, Moose was ready to safely visit his groomer at Top Knot.  He was so scruffy, we could not even see his eyes!

Q: What should I expect with my puppies first grooming?

A:  Most puppies go in for what is called "Maintenance"...

moose groomed paw

Maintenance on pup's first visit may include:  bathing, a blow dry with brushing, nail clipping and filing, trimming pads of paws, plucking ears and a shaping trim around the eyes muzzle and beard.  


Mooses' Paw Before Grooming

Mooses' Paw After Grooming

Q: Do I need to have my doodle's ears plucked?! 

A: Yes.  Plucking your doodle's ears encourages good ear health.


Doodles are prone to hairy ears.  Thanks to their poodle parentage, some doodles can grow a forest in their ears!  It is vital to keep the hair in there under control.  

Left unplucked, the hair in a doodles ears will retain moisture, which invites yeast and bacteria to grow, causing your poor pooch to succumb to nasty ear infections.  The best way to prevent is to pluck routinely and to keep the ears clean and dry.  

Groomer's Tip:  Desensitize your pup!

desensitizing the muzzle

There are several things you can do at home to train your puppy to be calm and responsive while being groomed.  Follow these 3 tips from Top Knot Grooming:

1. Give your puppy plenty of bath time and water play time at home, being sure to give special attention to sensitive areas like behind the ears, under the arms, on the legs and under the tail.  

2. Use an electric toothbrush and get your puppy used to the sound and feel of the vibrations.  Run the toothbrush along your puppie's body, especially the sensitive areas, allowing him to realize that there is no need to panic with this sound and sensation.  This gets your puppy ready for the clippers.  

3. To get your puppy ready for face grooming, run a capped pen over her muzzle, around her eyes, under her chin and around her ears, as seen in the photo above.  While doing this, gently control your pup's face by lightly clutching her chin hair and moving her face in the direction you need.  Your groomer will thank you a million times over and you pup will have a smooth experience and will delight in going back to see her groomer!


His first grooming was a success!  The gals at Top Knot gave him lots of love and a little treat to go home with.  It did not take long for the little rascal to find his way to the pond and start smelling like a farm dog again! Silly Moose.  

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