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Below is a sample Purchase Agreement; customer will receive a copy of this on the day of transfer of ownership:

Veterinary Care


Puppy _______________ was seen by Dr. David R. Leighr at Long Veterinary Clinic, Kearney, MO, on ________________, wherein said puppy received a good report of health.  Said puppy received first DA2P2 vaccine and a 5 day treatment of Panacur; on the ______________, puppy received the second DA2P2 vaccine at above mentioned clinic. 


Once transfer of ownership has occurred, Buyer takes full veterinary responsibilities of puppy.


Puppy is due for a third round of vaccines ______________.


Transfer of Fiduciary Responsibility


Immediately after transfer of ownership, Buyer absolves Seller from any and all fiduciary responsibilities pertaining to sold puppy.




Payment in full must be received by Cotton and Gray Goats and Goldendoodles, LLC, prior to the transfer of possession of puppy.  


Payment was received in full in the form of cash | check #__________

DOB _________________________

State _________ Exp  ____________                                                                       

 license # ______________________ 


Transfer of Ownership


On this _____ day of _______, 2024, ownership of puppy _______________is being transferred from Cotton and Gray Goats and Goldendoodles, LLC to buyer, (please print name) ___________________________________


Signature of customer:  _________________________________________________  date:  ______________


Signature of breeder:  ___________________________________________________ date:  ______________

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