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For every puppy, there is a story.  With each puppy comes a simple joy.  Many of our customers have kept in touch with us and we love hearing not only of their experience with us, but of how their puppy has touched their lives.  We hope to fill our pages with many more heart-warming stories.  

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 "What a wonderful experience! Our little "Lily" is a sweet, loving adventurer who quickly bonded with us and our 2 year old Golden Doodle "Sammy". They absolutely love each other and completely love life. We know that the loving kindness Lily was raised with by the Cotton and Gray family got our little girl off to a wonderful start! They are simply the best! Lily and her big brother Sammy got along famously from the start and bring us incredible joy and laughter. Our four legged kids are precious and we will recommend Cotton and Gray to anyone looking for a wonderful little friend. Thank you so much!"

- P & A  Missouri

Tilly... "Millie"

 "BEST PUPPY EVER! The female puppy I got from Cotton and Gray Goats and Golden Doodles Farm is a perfectly wonderful blessing! She is pure sweetness swaddled in silky fur. Intelligent, trusting, and calm, she's the most well behaved puppy that I've ever owned. When she joined my family, she was already trained to sleep in a kennel, have a bath, come, sit, and walk nicely on a leash. A HUGE plus! Additionally, my two year old Aussie Heeler and she were instant best friends. Another WIN!"

-S.R. Missouri

Tupelo... "Skittles"

Skittles...Says ,"It's really hard raising parents and a big sister." She's a beautiful blonde goldendoodle and is everything we could have hoped for and more. She has been extremely healthy and is an amazing athlete. At 4 months she was already too fast for any dogs in the neighborhood to catch her. As she approaches her half-birthday she is a solidly-built 40 pounds and she can place her paws on my wife's five foot high shoulders, when she stands full upright. She is endlessly entertaining, loving and adorably mischievous. A true guardian and protector. Our experience has been A+ Perfect.

- M.M. Kansas

Clifford... "Jet"

Clifford is a cuddly, smart, friendly, athletic, obedient, loving, handsome, giant dog. His new name is Jet, short for Jethro Jet Jet Bo Bet Building Seven. He has several unofficial nicknames. He is the best dog I’ve ever had.

- T.L. Colorado 

Opal... "Olive"

 "We have had the best experience with Cotton and Gray. I'm an anxious person with some allergies to dogs, so I'd decided that I needed to adopt a Doodle. I happened upon an ad for their Goldendoodles, and called immediately. I'm so thankful I did. Angela and her incredible family are so kind, thoughtful, and incredible to work with. We adopted Olive (formerly Opal) in July and she has completed our family in so many ways we were sure we needed and even more that we didn't even know. She's smart and sweet, my shadow dog, and my partner's play buddy. My kids are her favorite humans in the world and she is truly a part of our pack. We can't imagine life without her and we have Cotton and Gray to thank for that! We would come back again and again. Ollie is our family's soul dog and I just know that anyone who

comes here will find theirs, too!"

- J.C. Kansas

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